Welcome to Peninsula Metal Fabrication

We are a manufacturer of advanced precision assemblies with extensive experience and expertise with frames, chassis, and sheet metal. Located in Silicon Valley, we support a number of versatile companies and provide them with creative and complete solutions. PMF is dedicated to providing top quality precision sheet metal products and assemblies, precision fabricated frames, and exceptional services. We are committed to customer service with teamwork, responsiveness, and continuous improvement.

Achievement of high performance process standards, ongoing training and development, and personal commitment to quality ownership are key standards at PMF. We are committed to maintaining our vision: customer service, quality, reliability and teamwork.

Our manufacturing capability includes computer integrated manufacturing, full service sheet metal and machine shops with on-site precision manufacturing, in-house paint, and value added assembly. Our manufacturing services are complemented by complete interdisciplinary program teams, including program management, cost control, quality management, engineering assistance and assembly. We pride ourselves on the flexibility and adaptability we provide to our customers, and have been rewarded with a loyal customer base as a result.

Our extensive Quality Management System include ISO 9001:2008 registration, closed loop corrective action programs, continuous improvement program, and outside source equipment calibration.

We strive for total customer service and look forward to becoming your complete manufacturing partner.

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